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YOU Get a Buyer’s Agent, and YOU Get a Buyer’s Agent… Don’t Go It Alone!

I’ve helped many first time home buyers successfully buy their dream home, and over the years, I’ve noticed something that I want to share with as many future first time home buyers as possible! It’s this- some first time buyers aren’t aware that they have the ability to use a buyer’s agent to represent them in one of the biggest purchases they will ever make! (AND, that it doesn’t cost them any more!!)

Buyer’s agent working with first time home buyers

I want to put this out there to help educate as many people as I can. You can and SHOULD have an agent who works for YOU when you are ready to buy a home. Because let’s be honest, buying a home involves a lot more steps than most people realize.

So what does a buyer’s agent do? In a nutshell, we help you, the buyers; navigate the entire home buying process one step at a time. I’ll dive in and break it down for you. (Make sure you read until the end because there is great news waiting for you there!)

First things first, a buyer’s agent will meet with you to go over the entire home buying process. That way, you’re fully equipped so you know exactly what to expect. (We can do this in person or via Zoom) They will help you identify your needs and wants in a home, including your top “must haves” and your deal breakers. I’m a huge fan of understanding your “why,” so I always spend some time asking why you want what you want. That helps me help you more than you know.

They will then set up a custom home search that will find listings matching your wants and needs, so that you don’t have to filter through hundreds of listings that don’t even fit what you’re looking for.

When you start looking at homes, you’ll notice that they will be listed by a listing agent. What’s great about a buyer’s agent, is that they work in your best interest, not that of the sellers. In addition to helping you find a house that meets your needs, they will also help you understand your options when it comes to writing an offer, advise you on the market, help you determine what price to offer the sellers and most importantly, negotiate on your behalf.

If you find yourself in a multiple offer situation (pretty common in this 2021 market), they have strategies to help make your offer stand out, while matching the seller’s priorities to give you the best shot at getting that dream home. Once you have an accepted offer, they maintain strong communication with both you and the listing agent so you’ll always be kept in the loop and never left wondering what’s next!

A buyer’s agent will also remove as much doubt as possible. They’ll provide you with all the tools necessary to make an informed decision before you take on the investment of owning a home. Think of them as your go-to resource throughout the entire transaction. Not only will they educate you through each step, they will refer you to their trusted vendors. From lenders to home inspectors, attorneys, and contractors, there can be so many moving parts in a transaction that you’ll be thankful to have the help of trusted professionals and save time trying to research them on your own. All of this will help you have peace of mind throughout the home buying process and prevent you from falling into the buyer’s remorse trap!

It’s time to fill you in on the best part about hiring a buyer’s agent. Here it is.. it costs you absolutely NOTHING!

You might be thinking this all sounds great and I would love to have someone work on my behalf but how much is someone like this going to cost? Having a buyer’s agent won’t cost you anything because the sellers are responsible for paying all commissions.

So, if you’re already searching for homes online, googling questions you have about the process and you’re ready to dive in, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find yourself a buyer’s agent who will work for you and walk you through all of this – literally, one house at a time!

Look for a buyer’s agent who you feel is a good fit for helping you through the process of buying a home. When you’re interviewing different agents, you’ll want to make sure you choose someone who not only seems knowledgeable but someone who will be available, willing to educate you, able to communicate the way that you want and most of all, someone you feel comfortable working with!

Maybe that’s me. And, maybe it’s not. But do your legwork here, and I promise you that the home buying process will be much easier!!