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2022 Richmond Fall Guide

If you’re looking for some fun fall activities in Richmond, Virginia, check out my 2022 RVA Fall Guide! Click the link below to get your copy today!

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5 Things That Will Help You Sell Your House

Are you thinking of selling your home in this shifting market? Well, the window where you could just throw a sign in the yard has probably closed and there are definitely five things at least that you need to do before you get your home on ...

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2022 Midyear Market Update

I'm here with your mid-year shifting market review. So, the first thing I wanted to mention is inventory, we are still in an inventory shortage. So, while you might hear a lot of national news information, talk about a crash or an adjust...

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Homebuying is Getting (A Bit) Less Stressful!

I've got some good news if you've been thinking of buying a home, and the last couple of years have proven to be just too stressful. The market that has been so consistently crazy for the past couple of years is finally starting to calm a bit, ...

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Tiny Mic Tuesday: Episode 1 w/ Allie Wilckens

I'm kicking off my Tiny Mic Tuesday series by interviewing my fantastic assistant, Allie Wilckens! Every Tuesday (well, most Tuesdays- let's be honest) I'll be interviewing someone with great information, a great business, or that I thin...

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Is It Time For Your Annual Equity Review?

Have you ever heard of an annual equity review? Well, I have an offer for you that you may want to take advantage of. The market is shifting and the news is all over the place, it seems like every day, we're getting some sort of new info...

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