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Real Estate Market Updates

Why Are We Still in a Seller’s Market

So we've talked a lot about whether it's a buyer's or seller's market and obviously all the data shows, and anecdotally, I can attest to the fact that it is still very much a seller's market here in central Virginia, in the metro Richmond a...

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September Market Update and Q4 Predictions

Well, you've heard the saying "no news is good news," but really, there's not a whole lot of news, and depending on your perspective, of course, not much is that good. What a bummer that sounds like. I know, I know. But let's unpack it a bit. ...

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Late Summer Market Update for the Richmond Metro Area

As the summer winds down (a bit at least), the market has not changed a whole lot from the last couple of months. Inventory is still tight, leading us to remain in a solid buyers' market. Check out the graphic here for a little snapshot of what...

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Midsummer Market Update

Somehow, it looks like the year has managed to get to the halfway mark, so it's an even better time than normal to check in and see what the real estate market in Richmond is doing. After the past few very unprecedented years, I know everyone ...

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RVA Market Update – Summer’s Here!

Summer is here, and that normally means a dip in activity for the real estate market, but over the last few years, "normally" is a term that we've all sort of tossed out the window. (I'm sure you know what I mean.) If you're wondering where we...

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