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2022 Richmond Fall Guide

If you’re looking for some fun fall activities in Richmond, Virginia, check out my 2022 RVA Fall Guide! Click the link below to get your copy today!

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August Means Catching the Last Gasp of RVA Summer Here are a few of my favorites: Head to RVA Big Market Saturdays at Bryan Park from 8-1 and get allll the great produce. Make something you've never made, or just enjoy something simple ...

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I Scream, You Scream…

It's National Ice Cream Day! I'm celebrating with some of my RVA ice cream (or ice cream like) favorites. I've always loved ice cream. I mean, what says celebration, and summer, as much as ice cream? Just like so many things, I have a hard ...

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What’s on YOUR Summer “Must Do” List?

Every season (or every season I remember to do it) I come up with a "must do" list. Doing this sort of forces me to be mindful about the things I appreciate, and it goes hand in hand with my gratitude practice. It helps keep me focused on the t...

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Home Sweet Home…Now What?

Home Sweet Home The movers are gone, and you’re surrounded by boxes. Overwhelmed? Now what? To get settled in as quickly and as possible, Mary suggests you start with the areas that will allow you to get back into your daily routin...

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Roasted Orange Ginger Carrots

Orange Ginger Roasted Carrots

Orange Ginger Roasted Carrots Who's ready for spring? Easter? Outdoor picnics, and colorful produce? This is great for Easter, or anytime you want an easy, colorful side, and so much better than those bland cooked carrots from my childhood. ...

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Heart shaped cookies

My Favorite Shortbread Heart Cookies

What would Valentine's Day be without something a little sweet? (And most likely, chocolate?) If you want to make a homemade treat that is a wow, but also super simple, these shortbread hearts are a favorite of mine. I usually dip half in ch...

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What’s All the Hype About a Word of the Year?

I confess. I love the New Year. Clean slate, fresh planner, new many possibilities... It's one of my favorite times of the year for sure. Ever since I can remember, I've started the year with a list or a plan. But, for the last few...

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My Must Make Holiday (Or Any Day) Gingersnaps

The Best Gingersnaps Recipe These are my must make holiday cookies, and keep really well in a closed container for a few weeks (or so they say, I seldom have them last that long.) The dough freezes well, too, and they make great gifts or treat...

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