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Why It’s (Literally) Always Price

So believe it or not, even in this market, pricing is incredibly important. And if you’re wondering why your house has been sitting or why a house hasn’t gone off the market that you’ve been seeing over and over in your search, if you’re buying, it is price, it is literally always price.

When I was a pretty new agent, I remember sitting in the office, and there was an agent who had a listing that hadn’t sold very quickly. And this again, was a long time ago when things didn’t fly off the market like they do now. And she was asking everybody to take a look at her listing and see if they could tell why it hadn’t sold. And even brand new, I said, I think it’s the price. I think you need to drop the price. And she was indignant that it was not the price that it wasn’t always the price. But, if you really think about it, think about you having a great house in a great location, but the condition of the house is rotten – price. You have a weird house in a great location, in great condition, what’s going to move it – price. If you have any combination of those factors, and one is off, those are generally things that you can’t change, or you can to some degree condition, yes, you probably don’t want to totally renovate a house if it’s got an unusual floorplan. So price is going to be a factor. And obviously, location, location location is something we say for a reason. And that’s because it can’t be changed, but what can be changed, is always the price.

So this goes back to having a consultation and walking through with your realtor when you are starting to think about selling so that doesn’t mean if you say I want to sell my house in September, that’s when I want to sell that’s when I want to move. You should be in a perfect world at least calling your agent a couple of months before so that we can come through, walkthrough, and tell you, Hey, you’re going to get more bang for your buck if you paint, if you replace the front door, if you do a little landscaping. All of those little things can improve the condition which can maybe maximize an unusual floorplan and make it seem more livable.

So if you’re curious about what you might need to do to get your home ready for sale, or if you know you’re going to want to sell your house in a couple of months I’d love to talk to you just give me a call. Reach out and let’s set up a time to chat and I can walk through and give you a to-do list that will help you get more money for your home because it really is always price.