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Why Didn’t They Take My Offer?! (and it was the highest!)

So you just saw that that house you offered on sold and it went for less than you offered, how the heck did that happen?

Sometimes it’s all about the money. And sometimes it’s not having an agent that’s going to do the research to make sure that your offer is best positioned to be appealing to that individual seller is going to make a huge difference in getting your offer accepted. Just like you may have an individual reason for buying a home, your family has grown, you’re downsizing, you’re moving to a new city, new job, things like that the seller is gonna have their own motivation as well. Knowing what those things are, are going to help you find that sweet spot that’s going to dovetail your needs with theirs and get that winning offer. If you want to find out more ways to get your offer accepted in this market or get started on the process of buying a home give me a call send me a message I’d love to talk to you.