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Uncommon Mistakes Sellers Make

Uncommon mistakes that sellers make in literally every market.

Be prepared for the photographer. Don’t forget that the photographer is coming at 10 o’clock on Monday and leave your breakfast dishes all over and everything in the middle of the floor from your kid’s projects the night before.

Be prepared for showings. If you know the showing is scheduled for two o’clock in the afternoon, don’t hop in the shower at 1:59. If your home is vacant, and you’re letting a stranger stay in the spare bedroom, let your realtor know to let other agents know there’s nothing that deters a buyer, like being scared out of their wits and breaking a toe on the way down the stairs. Remember, we are trying to get the buyers to visualize themselves in your home and have it be their home. So if grandma’s in her bathrobe or the kids have made a huge mess, or you’ve got cars under tarps in the backyard, that’s probably not what they’re looking for. If you have any other questions, please reach out to me I’d love to talk to you