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Preparing to Sell Your Home

When you’re getting your home ready to sell, not all dollars are created equal. Obviously, you want to be doing maintenance all along as you’re living in a home. So things like maintaining your house and maintaining the exterior of your house. But when we’re looking at getting a home on the market, even if it’s six months from now, there are some things that you’re going to have to put money into that are not going to feel like the high ROI you would like them to be, I’m going to list a few of the maintenance and then I’m going to list a few of the high ROI items that you can do. A balance of those is gonna give you a really good outcome when you go to sell. So here are my top four in each category.

  1. Trees and yard. You want to make sure that your trees are not dead, they don’t have dead limbs, they’re not hanging over the roof, they’re not hanging over your driveway or shed or garage. Because as soon as somebody sees a dead tree or a tree that’s threatening the house, they’re going to add that to their list of projects. And right now, when people are adding to that list of projects, they’re not necessarily coming in at a lower price where they would negotiate. Often they’re just backing right out the door and getting in their car to get to another house that seems like less work.
  2. Plumbing and electrical is the number two and probably in my opinion, the most important. Make sure everything flushes that your outlets work, lights work fans work, and that things look like they’re in generally good condition.
  3. Your systems. Your HVAC, your water heater, and any sort of systems you have, really need to be in good working order too.
  4. Finally the roof. Make sure you don’t have any roof leaks, make sure that there’s no debris on your roof, and that it doesn’t look stained or damaged. And certainly that it’s not damaged so that buyers feel really solid when they come in and get excited about the things that you have to offer. Rather than making a list of things that they feel like they need to do.

Here are some of the things that add value very definitively.

  1. do a little bit more to that landscaping. Make it actually look good. Put mulch down, plant some shrubs, that type of thing. That generally returns about 100% on your investment. That is just a no-brainer.
  2. The minor kitchen remodel. So that may be painting your cabinets and maybe just adding new appliances. Maybe it’s just putting on a new countertop. It doesn’t mean gutting redo the whole kitchen. But that minor kitchen remodel has an ROI of about 98%. Ideally, you do this a few months before you move and you actually can enjoy it as well.
  3. A minor bathroom remodel. Same thing. it actually has an average ROI of about 102% anything that gives it just a little extra update a little extra pizzazz, brings it into 2023. You’re gonna be in good shape on those.
  4. And finally, did you know that you can get a 90% ROI on just replacing your front door?

Make sure that you’re not only focusing on those ROI things, you’re also focusing on the things that are going to negatively impact you if you don’t do them. I always will take the time to come to visit your house, and make sure that we’ve got a solid list that’s prioritized other things that you should do when you’re getting ready. And that means call your agent, ideally me, before you’re even really ready to sell. Six months away, four months away, so we can get all those things done to give you the highest net result possible.