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My Home Office Transformation


Before you get really excited that there’s going to be a fantastic reveal of a super cute office space at the end of this… don’t. We all work from home a little differently. I work from home the way I work from home, and that’s not at a desk. It never has been, and at this point, it probably never will be. On the sofa, at the table, on the patio. Yes. All of those.

Like most people I know, I’ve been working more from home and generally spending more time there these past couple of months. I’m so thankful that I do something that enables me to continue to work, to work remotely, to work from home, but boy, sometimes that’s a LOT of home.

I’ll confess, my office is not just an office. It’s our third bedroom, a storage space, where my son’s rowing machine lives, a home for my printer, my signs, and even my crockpot… For the last few years, it’s become known as “The Indoor Shed.”

Right at the same time I hit the point of “I can’t stand this any more!” I won a virtual organizing session with Mary Davis, organizer extraordinaire, and her company In Good Order. Talk about perfect timing!

This is embarrassing!

When she asked what space I wanted to tackle, it was a no brainer, even though I honestly wasn’t sure how we could begin to wrangle it in to shape. So here’s how it went…

First we did a little walk through (via FaceTime, naturally) and I showed her the horror that was this space. Too much stuff, too much variety, too many piles… you get the idea…

UGH. What a disaster. And where to even start??

Mary first had me pull everything out (yes, everything) and sort it all into “like” piles. All the paper. All the craft supplies, all the client gifts, notecards, etc. So many piles!!