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My Favorite Home Products for Earth Month AND a Giveaway!

It’s not only Spring, but Earth Month, and both of those are a great time to take a look at your home, your healthy home habits, and keeping it clean in a way that’s not only good for your house, but your family, and the earth.

Some of the small changes can have a huge impact if we all just pay a little bit of attention, and I’ve really tried to assess those “everyday” products over the last few years and make sure that if there is a better option, I’m using it.

Here are some of my tips for “greening” your home.

  1. Switch out your toilet paper for a more sustainable option. I’m a HUGE fan of Who Gives a Crap. It’s sustainably produced from bamboo, the rolls are wrapped in paper, not plastic, and they auto ship enough for months. It’s great quality, cute looking, and never runs out!
  2. Lose the paper towels! I have definitely been guilty of paper towel overuse, but I’ve stopped the madness. Now, I have a basket of cloth napkins at the ready all the time, and cloth dish towels. We only use those, and have managed to cut out paper towels altogether. It took a bit to get in the habit, but now it’s great! I love these from Dot and Army but you can also always find some on sale nearly anywhere!
  3. My new laundry favorites are the detergent sheets from Clean People. They are super low waste, as they have no added water, no big plastic jug, and no plastics that get into the groundwater like most commercial pods. Oh, and they do a great job and smell good too!
  4. For general cleaning and dishwasher, I’m a big fan of the entire line from Branch Basics. It lasts forever, works well, is low waste, and doesn’t contain any of the harmful things that most cleaning products contain.
  5. Garbage bags drive me crazy. (I know, it’s a problem.) But seriously, it doesn’t matter how biodegradable your trash is if it’s all sealed up in plastic for dozens of years. BagUps are biodegradable trash bags. Just as sturdy as plastic, and way more convenient (think Kleenex for your trash can.) If the product is not enough for you, they’re Veteran owned, made in the US, and manufacturing is done by vets and disabled individuals.
  6. Recycle! ♻️  This one is pretty obvious, but lots of folks don’t know exactly what can and cannot be recycled, and that can be an issue when it comes to the sorting. Here’s WHAT to recycle in our area.
  7. What’s better than recycling? Trying to avoid single use products, of course. Living Eco Inspired is a great local eco friendly shop that sells refillable personal and home products now. They’re located in the Bon Air Shopping Center now!
  8. Turn down the heat! The EPA reports that turning the temperature on your hot water heater down to 120 degrees saves 6 to 10 percent each year on your hot water heating costs, and moving to a programmable thermostat that changes the temp in your home when you’re not there or sleeping can save you 2% for ever degree of change.

Sometimes it really is those little things that accumulate to make a big difference.

If you have any things you do that I’ve not mentioned here, I’d love to hear them!

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