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My 3 Favorite Things (for February) to Make Life and Home a Bit More Romantic

It’s February, and that means Valentine’s Day, so what better to share a few things that I think make your life (and your home) just a touch more romantic?

1- If you’ve been wanting to make home just a bit more cozy and warm, try a paint job. Whether you’re thinking of selling, you’ve just bought, or you’ve been there a while, a new paint can make everything feel new, for a relatively low price.

A 2023 spin? Say goodbye to grays, and warm it up! Here are a few of my ❤️ 2- Whether you’re going out or staying in, having a delicious dessert waiting at home can make any day feel like Valentine’s Day, or a little more luxurious, at least. Here are my RVA go to’s:

Shyndiz– Salted Chocolate Caramel Cake: Rich chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream, house caramel sauce and fleur de sel.

Whisk- What’s better than a monthly subscription of delicious macarons? What? You can’t think of anything either? Or just buy a few to add a little French flair to your February. Order from WhiskRVA HERE

Blue Cow Ice Cream– Goat Cheese Blueberry Swirl- Different, unique,
with a nod to cheesecake, this one is next level.

The Tiramisu at Edo’s Squid or 8 1/2. Top notch, perfectly balanced, and so delicious.

3- Another “make your home more lovely” favorite is Punch Drunk Paper Company. A new, RVA based, temporary wallpaper company, they’ve got fantastic patterns and styles, and can give you a fantastic focal point or make a room completely different. They’ll do custom styles as well! Check them out HERE