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Late Summer Market Update for the Richmond Metro Area

As the summer winds down (a bit at least), the market has not changed a whole lot from the last couple of months. Inventory is still tight, leading us to remain in a solid buyers’ market. Check out the graphic here for a little snapshot of what’s going on, and how it compares to the past few months.

Listing inventory has actually been dropping consistently over the past few months, and is nearly half of what it was this time last year (which was already a low inventory point for our market.) As rates have risen, there is definitely less motivation for homeowners to sell, as many have refinanced to very low rates in the past few years. Until this situation improves, our inventory is unlikely to grow by much.

That means, if you are thinking of selling, it’s still a great time. Despite interest rates, there are still lots of buyers out there, and terms for sellers are more easily negotiated (not only price but repairs required, closing dates, etc) right now.

If you’re buying, yes, rates are not terrific, and inventory is low. However, if buying is something you want or need to do, all hope is not lost. We have found our clients a number of homes off the market in the past year, putting them in better positions to not have to compete and find the home they love, so that is always an option. When you’re working with me as your buyer’s agent, my goal is to do all I can to get you where you want to be.

In better news, most experts predict rates to begin to move on a downward trend through 2024, as long as the inflation numbers continue to look good. That’s a glimmer of hope. Just remember, as rates drop, prices and competition, are likely to increase. Not a whole lot of things in life are guaranteed, but the rules of supply and demand are.

If you want to know what all of this means in terms of your personal situation, give me a call, and let’s chat!