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Getting Organized for Less Back to School Stress!

Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but back to school is coming up pretty fast and furious, and unless this is your first year, first kid, first rodeo, so to speak, you probably know that that stress can hit hard, and keep on coming if you’re not organized. Forget about the stress that comes if you’re moving, or in a new home. But never fear- I’ve got some great tips from Mary Davis, professional organizer and owner of In Good Order, LLC, to help get you, your home, and especially, your kids, ready for everything that comes with back to school.

At home:

  • Make a comfy homework space. To provide structure and consistency, choose one designated area for your student to work. The space should be distraction-free and have good lighting, a comfy chair, and a power outlet.
    They will need enough workspace for their device, as well as any supplies they need while learning.
  • If you have a desk with drawers, use drawer organizers to give easy access to pens, pencils, markers, glue sticks, and other small supplies.
  • Use file sorters or sturdy hanging files to hold extra paper and notebooks. If your workspace doesn’t have built-in storage, a caddy or divided turntable are great solutions to hold writing utensils, glue sticks, and other small supplies, and f your work surface isn’t big enough for a device and supplies, or your workspace pulls double duty (like a kitchen table) a rolling cart is a lifesaver. This gives easy access to supplies while learning, and can be rolled into a corner or closet when the work is done.
  • Having everything they need at hand can make all the difference in getting the homework done or trying to find “just the right pen, pencil, whatever,” for 30 minutes.
  • Print out a copy of the school schedule (even if it’s available online) and post it somewhere everyone can see for reference. Trust me, if you’re tracking homework, projects, supplies, needed, etc, having that schedule handy can really come in handy.
  • If you have a calendar or family calendar you use or a Google calendar, get all of those days off and holiday dates and put them in the calendar for the entire year. (If I had a dollar for every time I was surprised by my son having a day off, I’d be retired- he’s in college and I still do it.)
  • Make a drop zone. Even if you don’t have a mud room, per se, having a designated space for shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, and more, so they’re not all over the house.

At School:

  • Make sure you know the rules on backpacks, lockers, etc. If there are no lockers for the students, ensure that that backpack can hold everything they need all day, AND be at least somewhat comfortable. If your student takes lunch, consider a lunchbox that clips on instead of taking up valuable real estate inside the backpack.
  • Get all the supplies now, so you’re not scrambling that night before school starts. Did you know that if you type the name of your school into the supplies bar at , it will populate with the entire school supply list required, and you can buy and pick it up, or have it shipped. What? How easy is that??
  • Meal prep snacks and or lunches. If you’ve got fruits washed and cut, sandwiches made, etc, it’s easier for kids (of any age) to grab a healthy snack, rather than junk, when they get home, and definitely easier for you to get lunches packed efficiently and with minimal stress.

Are you ready for the school year? If you want more info on getting organized or to work with Mary, reach out to her HERE.