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Common Mistakes Sellers are Making

Common mistakes sellers are making when they go to list their home, even in this market.

Probably the most important and the most overarching mistake people are making in this seller’s market is not hiring an agent or not hiring a great agent. A good agent, or a great agent, is going to not only listen to you, but actually hear your specific circumstances, and understand the specific details of your home but also be honest with you and tell you if there are things that you need to know to help get the return on your investment that you want to see. A great agent is not going to just tell you your house is pretty but they’re going to tell you if it smells like your four dogs and three cats, or the fish you had for dinner last night. The next big mistake is not prepping your home for sale. Prepping your home means cleaning, decluttering landscaping, maybe staging, making sure all your light bulbs have been changed and making sure everything looks clean and shiny and bright and welcoming. The third mistake is bad marketing. No house that goes on the market in 2021 should have your bad iPhone photos in MLS or anywhere else. Marketing goes well beyond that. But make sure that your agent is prepared to market your home in the best way that suits your home and the market that it’s targeted to. The biggest mistake sellers are making is pricing and that’s another video so stay tuned for that one. If you have any other questions or concerns or you’d like to talk to me about selling your home, please reach out.