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Pandemic Thanksgiving and Traditions

I don’t know a single person that has had an easy time this year. (And that’s an understatement.) We’re all a little over these “unprecedented times,” I think. Today, and every day lately, as 2020 has dragged on, I’m making a consci...

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What the Heck, Zillow?

If you’ve spent any time on Zillow (and I know you probably have!) you have probably wondered how accurate those numbers actually are. It’s one of those things- when you want to sell, you really want that number high, but when you’re read...

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Three Home Buying Myths You Need to Know Now

If you’ve been thinking about buying your first home, chances are you’re getting tons of advice from everyone you talk to. It can be pretty overwhelming. I’d love to share with you 3 home buying myths you need to know if you’re cons...

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My Home Office Transformation

Before you get really excited that there’s going to be a fantastic reveal of a super cute office space at the end of this… don’t. We all work from home a little differently. I work from home the way I work from home, and that’s not ...

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