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5 Things That Will Help You Sell Your House

Are you thinking of selling your home in this shifting market? Well, the window where you could just throw a sign in the yard has probably closed and there are definitely five things at least that you need to do before you get your home on the market to maximize the value

Number one, this is gonna sound really obvious but clean, clean, clean. Clean like your mother-in-law’s coming like the queen is coming for dinner. Clean the windows, the baseboards, all of the surfaces, even the furniture that yeah, they’re not buying, but just clean everything.

Number two, paint or at least clean up the scuffs touch up the paint where you can see the wire around the corners, all those little spots that show that yeah, you’ve lived in the house and you’ve loved the house. But if your living room is hot pink, maybe you want to tone that down so they can visualize themselves there too.

Number three, focus on that curb appeal. The first impression can’t be redone. So your front door should be freshly painted. Make sure that the hardware is gleaming, and put fresh mulch, weed your lawn, cut the lawn, get all the cobwebs off the lights, and make sure that when people walk up, it feels like a new house, it feels welcoming and for heaven’s sakes spend the $13 to get a brand new doormat.

Number four prep for your photos. Make sure that even though the house looks great to you with your naked eye, the cameras gonna see the same thing that you think you see. So that means take your iPhone, go through, take some snapshots and see what your naked eye might not have seen. If the flip-flops had been left under the sofa. Your purse is still on the counter or that dog toy is laying in the middle of the living room floor because it’s always there. So who notices it? Get those things out. And a good rule of thumb is if it’s smaller than a softball, take it off the surfaces of your desks, dressers, and bookshelves, it just clutters the eye you want people to see that house.

And finally number five, a great way to get a head start on the marketing of your home is to make a list of all the things that you love about it. If you love that there is a playground two blocks away, or that the sunsets from your deck are the best thing ever. Put that down on a list and let potential buyers see those things. But also make a little list of the things that you’ve done since you’ve lived in the home if you just put in a new water heater that might not jump out to the potential buyer but if you pointed it out to me it’ll make a difference.

If you want more tips on getting your home ready for market, give me a call, or shoot me a message. I’d love to come and help give you a customized walkthrough on ways to maximize your value.