Is September is the New January?


Who else gets this crazy burst of motivated energy when back to school rolls around? Even though I've been out of school for more years than I have time to count, I still get the same sort of excitement I used to get when that "Back to School" issue of Seventeen magazine would come out. 

Now, perhaps, I have different, "things to do" than I did then, though. Instead of spending hours working on that perfect "new" fall hairstyle or eye makeup tips, I have bigger goals. (Don't get me wrong, I'm still working on the cute boots, and that hair and makeup situation- old habits die hard, after all.) Nothing like a change of season and back to school to make me want to get my life organized, make my office more functional, get together the books I plan to read for the next few months, sort my closet, and everything in between. 

A few of the things I've gotten started (and some finished!) as we move into the change of seasons, school starts, and everyone sort of gets their heads screwed on straight? Along with some tips on getting some of those things done...

All of the things I threw out! Awful...

All of the things I threw out! Awful...

1) Getting that pantry disaster sorted out! Summer apparently means kitchen mayhem. Running around, not cooking much, and now that it's back to school, I HAVE to be more organized. My new fave focus/ time hack is to set my timer and just go hard at THAT ONE THING (usually a thing I don't like...) for that whole time. I sorted my whole pantry, and threw out more than half a trash bag (!!!) of expired items. What?? How many cans of coconut milk does a person need? Apparently 7, but also none, because I threw out 5 that were 2+ years out of date...   I had been dreading this, but lo and behold, I did it all in 1 hour 45 min., thanks to my timer!

2) Get that closet ready for fall! Does everything fit? Do you still like it? Are the kids' closets full of outgrown things? One of my favorite "am I really wearing this" hacks is to start a season with everything facing one direction. As the get worn, they go back in the closet facing the other direction. Later, or at the end of the season, you know exactly which things you haven't worn! (Then, sell, donate, or give them to a friend!)

3) Does back to school mean you have more time? Or less time?? (Or somehow both? I totally fall in this category! The days get shorter, but my workdays don’t, and meal planning and prep become HUGE time savers for me! Hop over HERE to Pinterest for some meal planning and prep tips!  

4)This is also a GREAT time to recap the year so far, as we go into the final few months. What have I accomplished? What can I still accomplish? They say that an airplane drifting very slightly off course can end up in a totally different destination, and that's true of us as well. Pretty amazing (and a little scary!), but if you look at it this way it's not so bad- so often, incremental changes can get us so much closer to our goals, whatever they are, as longs as we practice that small change consistently. Yes!!

4) Going back to those books... What are the books you're reading now? Inspiration? Motivation? True Crime? Mystery? Humor? Highbrow literature, or straight up newsstand fiction?? TELL ME PLEASE! I'd love to know!