Summer is winding down? Not yet!


It seems like the summer is flying by so quickly! Too quickly. My son (15), spends his summers at a wonderful camp in North Carolina, and it feels like he's gone forever, and then summer is over, and school starts! And bam! He's already back! 

I was going to write this entire post with ALL of the things to do in Richmond as we finish up the summer, but it occurred to me that other people have already done it, and done it I'm attaching some links at the bottom, just in case, because if you are looking for something to do in August, Richmond has got you covered! 

From the Jazz Fest at Maymont August 9-12, to the Watermelon Festival in Carytown that same many great concerts and music events, and the food, the food (and the beer! the beer!) We still have so much summer to enjoy.

What's your favorite type of summer event? It's the music that gets me every time. From Brown's Island, to the parks, breweries, and out at Innsbrook. I love nearly all kinds of music, and I'd go see someone play every week if I could! (Okay, so I kind of do, maybe...)

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