Thinking of selling sooner rather than later?


Are you thinking you need to do a little bit to get your house market ready, but not sure where the best places are to spend to get the most bang for your buck? 

This handy little infographic breaks it down pretty nicely, and for the most part, I agree. (Though I would argue that some of these things shift in priority, if not ROI (in dollars) if you're looking to sell asap vs in a year+.)

My top tip if you're not thinking of selling soon- do what YOU like, so you can enjoy it, but pay attention to trends and what the general public is liking. That way, you can enjoy it, and it will also be ready when or if you want to sell. 

If you ARE going to sell soon- Here are my top ten tips:

1) Spend more of your budget on kitchen and baths. Those are the "money makers" in renovation. Every. Single. Time. Whether you need a total overhaul, new counter tops, or something as simple as new appliances, paint, or hardware, you will get more back from these 2 rooms than any others. 

2) The infographic says upgraded landscaping is #2. I would say that unless your landscaping is awful, focus more on the curb appeal aspect. Is your stoop/ entry in good condition? Is you front door freshly painted? Have you cleared off all the cobwebs/ dirt/ paint drips that you walk by every day and ignore? (Pro-tip: A buyer won't ignore them.) Walk up to your front door with a critical eye. Then fix the failings.

3) Add a pop of color. This sounds super cliched, but it really helps! No matter the season, a little green, and a little color, helps to make your entryway welcoming. Whether you want to plant, or just put some nice pots by the door, it will make a difference. 

4) Signs of water intrusion... I cannot stress this enough. I mean, do NOT hide a problem, but if you had a roof leak, and fixed the roof, take the time and money to go ahead and fix the interior damage!! If I had a nickel for every time someone tells me they had a leak, it was fixed, but the seller didn't fix the ceiling/ wall/ wallpaper...whatever. Fix it. Otherwise it looks like an active situation, or like the seller couldn't be bothered (and if they couldn't be bothered with that, what else could they not be bothered with?)

5) If you have a limited budget and can only do a few things, walk through your house (maybe even have a friend join) and think "clean, fresh, welcoming," and address things in that order. Stained carpet, flooring, or sinks? Fix those first. Dated, damaged counter tops? Tackle those for sure. Don't do the upgrades until you've addressed the fixable items. 

If you want more tips, or another pair of eyes, call me! I'm always happy to walk through and give you a prioritized list of "to do's"!