This Market is Crazy. Yes. Still.


I'm probably not the best person to give this advice, since I'm usually going a mile a minute and doing twelve things at once. However...

This market is crazy. It's been crazy for months, and sometimes crazy markets make us do crazy things. Generally speaking homes in most areas are selling in 13-15 days, and for 100% (sometimes more) of the listed price.

Obviously there are certain times and situations that necessitate the need to make a hasty decision, but often, we do that just because we feel we have to. 

This week alone, I've had a buyer nearly offer on a home she clearly was not excited about, simply because there was so much interest. Getting that "last piece of pizza" mentally never pays, because once it's under contract, it is essentially yours. The excitement and urgency are gone, and you're just looking at the place that for better or worse, is going to be yours. Trust me. The right place will come along. There are always temporary options in the meantime. Don't let a short term situation dictate your long term plan. Slow down. 

I've also had a seller feel like they needed to get their house on the market by their (arbitrary) target date, even though it's not quite ready. That REALLY never pays, even in this crazy market.  The homes that are selling fast, and for the most money, are the homes that are DONE. Clean, painted, well maintained, decluttered, organized, and with great curb appeal.

Sure, we can always spend more time, more money, more energy, making things "perfect." (Pro tip- there's no such thing) But sometimes it's more important to prioritize and hit the important points, rather than trying to rush a home to market, thinking it's better to hit the timing than replace the carpet, for example. If you don't know where to start, call me. And if you think you're finished/ ready to sell, call me too! Taking a breath, focusing, and being mindful really will pay off. I promise. Buying or selling can both be stressful, but the process can be fun.