Wishlist Dreaming....Location, location, location...

Hallsley Streetscape.jpg

So, you’ve decided 2019 is your year to make a move.

Whether it’s your first home, your first home on your own, a downsize, just a change of pace, or an investment property, it’s so important to have an actual game plan before you get started. (This is, by the way, where I come in- we can knock a whole lot out in that first meeting!) But, if you’re just getting started in that thought process, here are some great things to have in your mind and on your list even before you open that first “official” MLS portal listing (that’s the fancy term for your custom home search that I’ll get you set up on when you are ready.)

  • Location, location, location. It’s not a colloquialism for nothing. It really is the most important aspect of where you live, and really, one of the few things that you simply cannot change. If I had a nickel for every person who has said to me, “If this house was just four blocks over,” or “If this condo was in a nicer building.” But they’re not. And no matter how much you love the PLACE, if you don’t like WHERE you are, that place is going to get old fast.

    • Especially if it’s your first home (or if you’re looking for a change)- imagine what you want your life to look and feel like? Meeting friends with kids and dogs at the park up the street? Or being in the hustle of breweries and restaurants, always something to do?

    • Think about your commute. Sometimes this is a real trade off, too. I have had folks moving from larger metropolitan areas tell me they are fine with anything under 45 minutes, or even an hour. BUT, that’s not typical here in the Richmond area. So, when you are the only person in the office with a 45 minute commute, how much are you going to love that? And if you invite the gang over for a cookout, my guess is a lot of them will have something else to do if they’ve got to drive 45 minutes- unless your place is completely amazing (and they can stay the night!)

As woo woo as it sounds, I cannot stress enough the importance of creating a vision of what you want your lifestyle to be. I have one client who dreams of having friends around the firepit, listening to the Grateful Dead. But his initial request was for condos. Practical for the budget, maybe, but definitely not for his lifestyle. My goal is always to get to the heart of the “why” and help you hone in on that perfect place that really fits the life you see for yourself or your family.

What’s your vision and how are you writing your story? Let’s talk!