Is Buying a Home on Your Resolution List for 2019?

Homebuying in 2019


Can you believe there are only 7 full weeks left in 2018? (That means there really is still time to get in a home before the end of the year.) But, if you are turning your eyes already to the new year, and think that may be the time you’re ready to make a move, I have some great news. I’ve teamed up with Josh Crowley, with Liberty Mortgage here in Richmond, to load you up with some great info for the next 7 weeks to get you ready to make some great home buying decisions in the New Year.

Check in every Tuesday, on the blog, on Facebook, and Instagram for more information, and a different set of tips and tricks to get ready if 2019 is your year- for your first home, for downsizing, or for just moving up and finding something different.

You’ve probably heard rumblings about the market changing, interest rates going up, and you may be wondering if it is still a good time to purchase. We’re going to help you decode that information, and take a closer look at our market here, to help you make the best choices for your unique

Stay tuned. Our series will cover lots of great info!

·       How to get your finances in order to prepare to buy in 2019. Is it your first home? Has it just been a while? We’ll be laying out some great steps to get your financial “house” in order so you are able to put your best foot forward and buy what you want without being house poor.

·       Interest rates and mortgage programs that will help you get a plan in place to buy in 2019. (Did you know you can do a “Lock and Shop” mortgage rate for 90 days, letting you know for sure what your rate will be when you do find a home?) Have Josh pull your credit. Are there errors or questions? We’ll talk about how to get those fixed!

·       How to tackle that home search. What are you looking for? Why? Where are the best locations to target your home search? What are the things you want to keep in mind as you search? Cindy will give her top tips on picking that perfect neighborhood, and helping you choose that perfect place.

·       How much you need to have for a down payment, and how to start getting your finances in order to be in the best shape- to qualify for your loan, and to have the cash you need close.

·       What’s your target date? When will you be ready? What are the market predictions for the coming year?  Cindy can help you give an idea of what to expect in the market in 2019.

·       Closing out the year- you’ve got your plan, your numbers, and hopefully an idea of what (and where) you’re looking for. Let’s get started and put that plan in motion!


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