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The Best Offer ISN’T Always the Highest

But wait a minute, if you’re writing an offer, isn’t it always about who is willing to pay the most money?

In this crazy competitive market, we’ve been in now for a while. Sometimes it is. And sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s about those little individual things that make a difference to the seller. Here are a few things that I’ve seen recently. One, a seller that had 19 offers, the ones that they wanted to negotiate were the ones with no inspection, not because they thought there was going to be anything wrong with the house, but because they had small children. And the idea of not having to clean the house once more made a huge difference to them. When you’re getting a mortgage on a home, you are going to have to have an appraisal, your lender is going to require one and if it doesn’t appraise for the escalated value that that offer may have been, and you can’t make up the difference in cash. You could be offering $10 million on a $300,000 house, but the lender is only going to give you $300,000. And sometimes people are just super emotional about their house. I’ve also seen situations where the people just knew that the buyer’s love, love, loved everything that they had done, and that made a huge difference to them. They wanted someone to love the home as much as they did. Are you curious about more ways to be a lucrative buyer in this incredibly tough competitive market? I’d love to talk to you. Sit down and help make your homeownership dreams come true. Send me an email give me a call.