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Let’s Talk About Rent Backs

Okay, so let’s talk about rent backs.

What is a rent back? That’s something that we’re hearing all over the place in the market the last year. So, lots of sellers want to stay in their home after they close because maybe they haven’t found a home or maybe they have found a home, but they can’t move into it right away. So, when you hear the term rent back bandied about basically what that means is the seller would like to retain possession after closing for a fixed period of time. But how does that work? I mean, it sounds like a great idea, but how does that impact you with the buyer of that home? So when we do a rent back, we use what is called a possession by seller agreement and basically, it’s just like a lease, you basically become a landlord for whatever it is that you and the seller of the home you’re buying have determined you want to do. There are all sorts of ways to structure this. But yes, you do own the home after closing. Yes, you do want to make sure your homeowners insurance covers it. Every little detail of that process needs to be in writing and you need to understand that you basically have a tenant. So, if the washing machine breaks, it’s on you, not them in most cases. So, there’s lots to go into that. But remember, if you want to do something like that, that is outside of the details of the actual sales contract, we need to have all of that in writing to avoid any confusion and make sure everyone is covered. So remember, anytime we do anything in a real estate contract, listing or selling, we want to have everything in writing. If you have questions about any of those details, or you have an unusual situation, reach out to me I’d love to answer any of your questions.