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Did You Say Projects? Summer’s Here, and Here Are Some High ROI Projects to Do This Summer

Summertime is (almost) here, and that means it’s time to get out and really do some projects. Maybe you don’t love a home project, but you know you need to update something because you’re planning to sell soon. Maybe you are just tired of the look, and want a little cosmetic refresh.
Whatever your reasons are, here are a few “big wow” updates and projects that don’t take forever, and definitely don’t cost a fortune.

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1. Paint your front door and refresh the hardware: This makes every list I do, for a reason. It’s a huge bang for the buck, and the time it takes to do it. I wish I had time to list the homes I show that would be made immediately more appealing by a little front door makeover. It matters (even in this market!).
Get some good cleaner, scrub the door down and let it dry. Remove the hardware, and clean behind that as well. Paint at least two thin coats (don’t go too thick- you do NOT want drips!) Let dry well, and leave open as long as you can while drying. Attach new hardware and stand back and admire your handiwork.

What color to paint? Well, according to Zillow, the top door colors that net the most money when selling are black, slate blue, and olive green. But if you’re staying, just do something you love!

2. Refresh your deck or porch: Obviously those outdoor spaces are going to get a lot of use over the warmer months, so you’re definitely going to get the value from taking a weekend to spruce up the porch, deck, or patio. Hire a power washing pro, or buy or rent a power washer of your own (seriously, one of the most gratifying projects you can do!), and get to cleaning. Check the wood to ensure it’s in good condition, and once it’s dry, give it all a nice coat of sealer- colored or clear. There are some great colors available now, so you don’t need to use the old school redwood color, but give it at least one coat, and possible two. It will look great, and in most cases, it will not only prevent splinters, but make the whole thing last longer too!

3. Spruce up your landscaping; Whether you’re a gardener or not, sprucing up your landscaping can help your curb appeal quite a lot, and often, provide some nice quiet time if you do it yourself. I’m really focused this year on only incorporating native plants in my landscaping, so I’m being more mindful of what I buy and where I buy them. If you’re in Central Virginia/ Richmond area, check out Sneed’s Nursery on Huguenot Road and check out the native section. Moulton Hot Natives is another resource, and often, there are plant sales as well. Focusing on these natives mean that our eco system lives to fight another day. The birds and the bees (not that kind- just the literal birds and bees) have plants that support them, rather than plants imported from all over the world that may not be as good for our climate or creatures.

Remember, you don’t have to do everything at once. a little at a time is 100% better than not doing it at all!